Target groups

Our portable solar consumer products are perfect for following target groups:


Skládací solární nabíječka SolCatcher – 5W Travellers will use our Foldable solar charger SolCatcher – 5W which can be easily attached on a backpack during a trek or fixed on a tent while it charges your mobile phone or other personal electronic device directly.

Entrepreneurs and managers

Taškou se solárním modulem SunPack® – 5BEntrepreneurs and managers will be safe and independent with our practical and fashionable and practical Solar briefcase SunPack® – 5B, where it is enough space not only for iPad and mobile phone being charged but also for A4 documents.

Praktický solární kufřík 10W - Solar Easy Go®Practical solar suitcase Solar Easy Go® 10W is suitable for electric and electronic devices with more demanding power supply need. Mobile solar charger can be placed under the sun light and you can charge your electronic device, computer, GPS navigation, mobile phones and others or supply power to lamps, radios and other devices.

Professional drivers

Skládací solární nabíječku SolCatcher – 16W Professional drivers appreciate middle- sized and incredibly powerful Foldable solar charger SolCatcher – 16W that will provide enough power for their electronic devices like mobile phone, laptop or camera. The suction cups can be used to fix the SunPack®- 16 on the car windshield and charge while a car is parked or it can be simply placed under the car windshield to charge.

Scholars and students

Taškou se solárním modulem SunPack® – 5BFashionable Solar briefcase SunPack® – 5B makes your studies easier since it keeps your personal devices like iPad or iPhone charged all the time enabeling to create your documents wherever you need, in a park or on a beach.  

Construction companies

Solární zavazadlo 20/40/60/80 W - Solar Easy Go®Practical solar suitcase Solar Easy Go® 10W or larger and more powerful suitcase Solar Easy Go®20/40/60/80W is indispensable partner of construction and assambling companies. ®

Other target groups for our products are cottagers, sailors, sportsmen, fishermen, rescue workers and many others.

Our solar systems are for:

Familly houses, mountain cottages and other buildings that need electricity and do not have an access to the electricity network

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