Fixed solar power station 2-10kW

This off-grid solar power station uses free energy from the sun, which is then stored and supplies your home or other building with energy whenever you need. This stationary solar station is indispensable in places where it is difficult to get a connection to the electricity network.  

This off-grid independent system enables family houses, smaller projects, large mountain huts and similar buildings to fully cover individual energy need of every building. The system does not need to be tied to the public network and therefore offers the possibility of building projects in remote places.  

The system is tailored made based on individual needs of each customer, including all the components (inverter, charge control, special mounts) and uses modern technology of photovoltaic panels to produce energy and then stores this energy by using deep cycle traction batteries.

Product specification:

tabulka-off-grid-system-2000-10000W angl

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