Mobile solar power station 180 – 1000W

mobilni solarni energeticka staniceIndependent station offer solar power source for small detached houses, cottages, chalets, construction companies and others.

All components are pre-wired in an outdoor water-proof enclosure with rolling wheel and ready to plug in and use!

When using as a power backup system, an optional ATS (Automatic Transfer Swich) can be added to the Solar Power Station to add an UPS function to supply un-interrupted power to important equipments or machines.




Suitable for:

  • Small and large home, hand electric tools and personal electronic tools as:
    • Lamps
    • Radios
    • TV
    • Welding machines
    • Drills
  • Other devices until max power (see „Product specification“)

Product specification:

tabulka-powe-station-180-1000W angl-1

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