Solar suitcase Solar Easy Go® 20-80W

Solar Easy Go® 20- 80W - Practical solar suitcase

Solar easy go 20-80W 3Solar Easy Go ® 20/40/60/80 W is designed to deliver power to electronic and electrical devices. It uses free energy from the sun and stores it. This mobile suitcase supplies the energy wherever and whenever you need, whether you work or enjoy camping out in the nature. Solar Easy Go® is indispensable in places where it is difficult to get a grid connection. Solar Easy Go ® can also serve as an emergency backup power in case of power failure.

The device is suitable for rescue workers, cottagers, construction workers, assembly companies, sailors and other. Mobile solar charger can be placed under direct sunlight and immediately charge your electronic device (computers, GPS navigations, mobile phones, etc.) or supply power to hand tools (drills, hand saws, grinders, etc.) lamps, radios, TVs, fans and other equipment dependent on energy.

Suitable to charge:

  • Small and large household, workshop and personal electronic devices
  • iPhone and other cell phones, E-books, GPS (USB),
  • MP5
  • iPad and other PC
  • Digital cameras

Suitable to supply power to:

  • Lamps
  • Radios
  • TV
  • Welding equipment
  • Grinders and drills
  • Other device until the stated power limit (300W )

Product specification:

Parameters depend on solar module wattage, see the table below:

Solar suitcase Solar Easy 20-80W

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