Foldable solar charger SolCatcher – 16W

SolCatcher – 16W – medium-sized foldable solar charger

SunPack 16SolCatcher -16W is medium-sized and incredibly powerful solar charger, that will provide enough power for your electronic devices when travelling beyond the boundaries of civilization, or in places where it is difficult to get a connection to the network and recharge your mobile phone, computer, battery of your camera or other small electronic devices. You can find high quality and efficient solar modules for fast charging in this mobile solar charger.

The device is suitable for professional drivers, travellers, adventurers, cottagers and others. Portable solar charger SolCatcher- 16W can be easily attached anywhere, hung on a tent or simply placed on the ground and you can charge your electronic devices, laptop, GPS navigation, mobile phones and other electronic devices dependent on the energy. When charging SolCatcher- 16W outdoor, you may also use the suction cups to fix the SolCatcher - 16W on the car windshield and charge while your car is parked. Or simply place it under the car windshield to charge. USB output is used for connection with these electronic devices.


The SolCatcher - 16W is equipped with a power supply with 3.7V, 12000mAH Li-po Battery that enables to store the energy when it is cloudy. As a part of this rechargeable battery there is a universal output suitable for almost all types of phones, laptop computers and other electronic equipment.

Suitable to charge:

  • iPhone and other cell phones
  • E- books
  • GPS and other small devices (USB)
  • iPad
  • Laptops (DC)
  • MP4/5
  • Digital cameras
  • LED lights
  • 12V batteries

Product specification:

  • Solar modul: 16W, 18V (4 pcs of solar module)
  • Power bank: Li-po 12000mAH(3.7V)
  • Output:
    • 16~20V DC auto sensing (16-20V, 3A Max)
    • 2 x USB output 5V 2A Max
    • To fully charge by direct sun light: 5.5~8 hours (depending on solar irradiance)
    • To fully charge by grid (AC charter of 19V, 2A): 3~4 hours.
    • Dimensions:
      • unfold: L*W*H: 70*49*0.5 cm (includes the power supply pouch )
      • unfold: L*W*H: 48*49*0.5 cm (does not include the power supply pouch )
      • fold: L*W*H: 24*25*5 cm
      • Weight: 1 kg (without accessories), 2 kg (with accessories)

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