Solar briefcase SunPack® – 5B

SunPack® – 5B – elegant briefcase with a powerful solar module

Elegant bSunPack 5B taskariefcase SunPack ®-5B with built-in highly efficient solar panels allows you to charge the removable backup battery (power bank) at anytime and anywhere. This bag becomes your indispensable companion in the moments when you are travelling and you do not have the plug to recharge your cell phone, iPad or other electronic devices at hand. This continuous energy source is supplemented by a universal adapter that will provide you with the connection to all possible mobile electronic devices. The bag itself is well made and fashionable offering an elegant look with many details. This bag with solar panels and battery back-up is recommended for students, managers and people who need a safe and steady supply of electricity.



Suitable to charge:

  • iPhone and other cell phones
  • iPad and other tablet PC
  • E- books
  • GPS and other small devices (USB)

Product specification:

            • Solar modul: 5,5W, 5,5V
            • Power bank: Li-po 4800 mAH(3.7V)
            • Battery output: 2 x5V USB (max 5V, 2A)
            • Dimensions: L*H*W: 41*25*13 cm
            • Weight: 1,25 kg

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