Foldable solar charger SolCatcher – 5W

SolCatcher – 5W – small foldable solar charger

Galerie SolCatcher 5W SolCatcher – 5W is a small and powerful solar charger that provides enough power for your small electronic devices during your travel time beyond the boundaries of civilization, or in places where it is difficult to get a network connection to recharge your mobile phone or other small electronic devices. You can find high quality and efficient solar modules for fast charging in this mobile solar charger.

The device is suitable for travellers, adventurers, cottagers and others. Portable solar charger SolCatcher – 5W can be easily attached to a backpack, hanged on a tent or simply placed on a ground and you can charge your electronic devices, GPS navigation, mobile phones and other electronic devices dependent on the energy. USB output is used for connection with these electronic devices.

It is possible to buy an optional power bank as a source of energy. The power bank is fully compatible with the solar module and allows you to store energy over time when it is cloudy. Together with the power bank you will get a universal output suitable for almost all types of phones and other small electronic equipment.

 Suitable to charge:

  • iPhone and other cell phones
  • digital cameras
  • MP3 player, iPod
  • E-books
  • GPS
  • PSP (portable play station)
  • and other small devices (USB) with 3,7V battery

Product specification:

  • Solar module: 5W, 5V, 1A
  • USB output: 5V, 1A (max)
  • Solar cells: highly efficient solar crystalline cells
  • Dimensions:
    • open – height 29 cm, length 42 cm, width 0,3 cm
    • folded - height29cm, length 12 cm, width 2 cm
  • Weighht: 0,5 kg

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